Sunday, January 01, 2006


Everyone's got a blog nowadays and far be it for me to buck a trend. But in contrast to the blogs by certain Malaysian celebrities, this isn't a promotional tool disguised as personal musings. This is a promotional tool that isn't disguised as anything else.

I spent a few weeks last year shooting Lelaki Komunis Terakhir. It's mostly a documentary, and we interviewed over 80 people in various locations in Malaysia and Thailand. Now that the thing is almost done I want to record, for posterity or its cyber equivalent, some of the people we met, places we saw, and things we experienced, most of which did not even make it to the final cut of the movie. (We shot over 50 hours, after all).

I also plan to have the movie released in Malaysian cinemas this year, so will take you through the process of how movies are distributed in this our fair country.

So, Gentle Surfers, take this blog as a mixture of snapshot recollections of some weeks in 2005, as well as a record of a distribution process that will begin in early 2006. There will be some thoughts on documentaries too. And maybe some other movies. And maybe even more. So let's get it on.

Disclaimer: I am what the English would call a Luddite and the Indonesians gatek (gagap teknologi) so you will have to excuse a certain bare-bonedness to this presentation. But there shall be pictures aplenty if it kills me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll be reading; good luck making your film seen.


3:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this kind of movie, something about Chin Peng. The last time I saw him is in my high school text book. Carry own to good job!

8:42 pm  
Anonymous Rizal said...

...and i asked you 'why chin peng?'

and you replied 'kenapa tidak?'

haha! you got me there, amir. needless to say, i am looking forward to the screening. i believe this blog would do more than just complimenting the feature film. keep up the good work!!

8:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

waiting to read more soon!

9:04 pm  
Blogger Amir said...

Why thank you. How welcome I feel. Now for the flamers...

11:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey y'know.. maybe one day you'll make a movie out of that as well, like Cameron Crowe :)

10:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the best for the film, amir! i'm reading "my side of history" now. looking forward to coming up to kl to watch the film.


6:18 pm  
Anonymous lea a spelunker said...

ada 3 sisi wajah chin peng yang saya pelajari untuk saya fahami:

1. seperti yang tertuang di dalam buku-buku sejarah (baca: buku teks di sekolah: tahun 70an-80an)

2. seperti yang terpapar di media massa (baca: setiap kali kempen pilihan raya)

3. seperti ingin benar-benar saya berada di sisinya dan bertanya banyak perkara (baca: satu adegan dalam buku "lepaskan aku kembali ke laut (3 jilid)" oleh shaari isa: ketika izma dan rakan-rakannya ke stadium merdeka menyambut pengisytiharan kemerdekaan, chin peng berdiri di belakang mereka dan merasa muak dan sangat bosan melihat telatah ketiga-tiga gadis itu yang tidak berhenti-henti berbual).

bukankah mata pelajaran sejarah akan lebih baik dan menarik jika novel ini dijadikan buku teks sekolah?

4. dan saya sangat berharap dapat menemui sisi chin peng yang satu lagi di dalam buah karya anda ini.

semoga berjaya.

3:40 am  
Anonymous anisa said...

comment moderation has been enabled. all comments must be approved by the blog author.

guess i can't be swearing on you in this responding 'section'.
cursing is always rejected, i assume.

so, what for to comment, if the 'blog author' will be approving only puji-memuji responds.

you know and you see it's coming.

i don't see the appropriateness.
"hey, good work"
"keep up the good work"
"saya ingin berjumpak dengan Chin Peng"
(err.. helo? comment?)
(nevertheless, comments are not subjected to only one type, yeah...) i know, i know.

wanna have a cup of russian black coffee?

6:27 pm  

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