Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reviews online

As far as I know these are the reviews that can be found online. Written by folks who had seen it and at least a paragraph long. All in English unless otherwise stated.

1. Variety, by Russell Edwards (USA).

2. Yawning Bread (Singapore).

3. MovieXclusive by Stefan Shih (Singapore).

4. Cakap Cakap Cinema (blog) (Malaysia).

5. Killersherpa (blog) (Singapore).

6. Film Kritiken (in German) by Thomas Hajduk (Germany). Translation here.

7. Kakiseni by Sharaad Kuttan (Malaysia).

8. Kakiseni by Zedeck Siew (Malaysia).

9. Kakiseni by Pang Khee Teik (Malaysia).

10. Velvet Rockmine (in Spanish) by Gonzalo Beladrich (Argentina).

11. MStar (in Malay) by Salhan K Ahmad (Malaysia).

12. Sign and Sight by Christoph Mayerl (Germany).

13. Die Tageszeitung (in German) by Ekkehard Knorer (Germany) Translation here.

14. Utusan Malaysia (in Malay) by Noor Azam Shairi (Malaysia).

15. The Fool's Progress (blog) (Singapore).

16. Ampulets (blog) (Singapore).

17. Seattle PI by Sean Axmaker (USA).

18. Malaysiakini (letter) by Adil Johan (Malaysia/Canada).

19. Otterman speaks (blog) (Singapore).

20. The Star by Shahanaaz Habib (Malaysia).

21. Asia Pacific Arts by Rowena Aquino (USA).

22. Aliran by CY (Malaysia).

23. Tonton Filem (blog) (in Malay) by Fadz (Malaysia).

24. Orange Polyester (blog) by Victor Serge (Canada).

25. Analizme (blog) (in Spanish) by Maza (Chile).

26. Farmacia (blog) by Herr Wollman (Norway)

27. The Academic Hack by Michael Sicinski (USA).

28. I Intend to Escape (blog) by Paul Stott (UK).

29. Kidd a Blogger (blog) by Wern Kidd (UK/Malaysia).

30. Stomach of Chaos (blog) by Kudo (UK/Malaysia).

31. Orang Jauh (blog) by FF (UK/Malaysia).

32. World Socialist Web Site by David Walsh (USA).

33. Criticine by Benjamin McKay (South-East Asia)


Blogger Amir said...

Do join us next Monday if free:

Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia presents

8pm. Monday, 7 August 2006.
HELP University auditorium, Pusat Bandar Damansara KL.

Admission: FREE! No reservations will be taken, so come early to avoid sitting on the floor.


12 shorts (out of 26 entries).
Curated by Amir Muhammad.

1. LIE BENEATH by Margaret Bong (11 min, in Mandarin)
2. UNDER THE BRIDGE by Hardesh Singh (2 min, no dialogue)
3. BAVAM BY ST Bala (10 min, in Tamil)
4. WHILE YOU WERE EATING by Chi Too (4 min, no dialogue)
5. COME AND GO by NA Halim Hassan (8 min, in English)
6. OH MY GOAT! by Shan (7 min, no dialogue)
7. SATU MALAM ISNIN by Raja Azhar (8 min, in Malay)
8. THE SLIDES SHOW by Aizyl Azlee (2 min, no dialogue)
9. SHIIT by Sasitharan Rajoo (7 min, no dialogue)
10. THE IDIOTS by Mohd Alfie (7 min, in Malay)
11. THE PERFECT DATE by Dean C Ghazi (25 min, in English)
12. THE WAIT by Akashdeep Singh (7 min, in Malay)

Total running time: 100 min.

* Most of the directors will be present for Q&A session after the show.
* Vote for your 3 favourite shorts of the night!
* Full synopses and bios will be posted in a few days.

7:54 am  
Blogger ontahsapo said...

mana nak dapat dvd citer2 ni, the big durian, the last communist, raindogs... tak pernah jumpa la..

12:21 am  
Anonymous kamal said...

rain dogs akan tayang di pawagam m'sia dlm tahun ni, cinemaonline tulis oktober nanti.

link utk beli big durian ada kat kolum sebelah kanan ni.

last communist ada jual kat singapore je, kedai online tak jumpa lagi le..

9:44 am  
Blogger GEE said...

hi Amir,

Kat Bolehwood ni, memang "tak boleh" dapat dvd last komunis tu ke? tak jumpa lah ke i look at the wrong place?

i found the runut bunyi cd though in midvalley.

9:58 am  
Anonymous siew eng said...

hey, amir! i enjoyed your thursday column this week. hahaha. you're so right about taxi drivers. it's scandalous how the one you described blithely talked about race and religion. the authorities should clamp down on them all right.

10:54 am  
Anonymous Vina said...

I'm from melbourne,vic and i saw your movie and i understand the malay lang btw.ur movie was one of the worst movies i've ever seen in my life-half of the people in the lecture theatre (it was shown during a media comm lect) walked out after 15 mins but as a msian i was determined to watch the whole thing and pass out fair judgement.i felt you could've done much better-and btw,the poster's excruciatingly ugly!

8:21 pm  
Blogger insaneal said...

vina,if that's even your real name,get over it-if you don't like it,there are plenty of us which still go watch white chicks or something glossy and mindlessly entertaining if you wish.get a friggin' life yeah.

8:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

got new review here :

it includes mukhsin and a theatre oso

5:11 pm  
Blogger Amir said...

Thanks, it has been duly added.

9:26 pm  

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