Monday, November 27, 2006

Coming to Manila

Lelaki Komunis Terakhir is the opening film of Cine Veritas, a human-rights film festival at the University of the Philippines, next week. This will be my first trip to Manila and I am quite chuffed.

The photo you see is from a great film called Manila: In the Claws of Neon by the great director Lino Brocka.

The Philippines continues to make the most interesting films in South-East Asia. I wrote an article about some of them 4 years ago and since then newer names and films have cropped up. Perhaps my Manila trip will inspire a follow-up piece, who knows?


Blogger Oggs Cruz said...

Thanks for using my review as your link to Manila in the Claws of Neon. I hope to see your film.

Oggs Cruz

10:06 am  
Blogger XMOCHA! said...

Congrats! Hope you also get to meet up with our old friend Noel Vera!

Cheers, SM

3:08 pm  

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