Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Apa Khabar Orang Kampung makes its world premiere next month at the 57th Berlin Film Festival in the International Forum of New Cinema.

This is the same place where Lelaki Komunis Terakhir premiered last year. I couldn't attend last year but I do plan to go this year. Although we are a small documentary, three of the other crew members will be there as well: Hardesh Singh, Tan Chui Mui and Liew Seng Tat.

Here are the screening times:

11 Feb 2:45pm CinemaxX5 (media screening)
12 Feb 8:15pm CineStar 8 (open to public)
13.Feb 3:00pm Cubix 7 (open to public)
14 Feb 12:30pm Arsenal (open to public)

If you are in the area do drop by!

The full Forum line-up has been officially announced. I am looking forward to meeting my old friend Aureaus Solito from The Philippines. He made a big splash last year with his debut film The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros; he is now presenting what the Americans would call his "sophomore pic," Tuli. It's about circumcision. Now why hasn't a Malay filmmaker thought of that before?

Another Malaysian film, Yasmin Ahmad's Mukhsin, will screen in the Generation section (the same one which The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros won last year!). As I have not seen it I will catch it there.

It has also been invited to 2 other festivals but those shall be announced in due time.

Praise the Lord and Baby Jesus!


Blogger Arvind said...

. Can you get your sales company to send me a copy of "Apa Khabar"? Address slingshot, ealing studios, ealing london w55ep - we are launching distribution in the UK and I'd like a look. Thanks. Arvind - Not at Berlin this year, or I'd have loved to see it there.

4:07 pm  
Blogger Amir said...

We sent it to the Malaysian censorship board today, 18 Jan. We should know the results in the first week of Feb. Wish us luck!

8:29 pm  
Anonymous jesus said...

hail amir!

12:59 am  
Blogger Sharazad said...

Kudos Amir.
Keep on entertaining the industry.

Looking forward.

8:15 am  
Blogger A Voice said...

Dear Amir

Malik Imtiaz was recently asked to stop contributing to NST becasue he is involved for the defense team of Jeff Ooi and Rocky in the defamation suit by NST, Kalimullah & geng.

There is a Bloggers United movement against this traversty of freedom of expression.

In my blog, Another Brick in the Wall, I have urged that we:

STOP subscribing and buying NST and its other publications!

STOP watching Media Prima's television and help boost their ratings!

DENY your Ad Ringgit to both their TV and Print Media!

INFLUENCE and convince others to do the same!

LEAK to us valuable insider information!

REDUCE their newsworthiness; stop giving them materials.

EDUCATE the public on the suppression of information by Big Media.

I hope you could join us and paste the Blogger UNited No Fear logo on yr blog and stop contributing artiles to NST.

Remember that it was in the blogs that gave good voice for your films and mainstream media crucify you.

However, I would understand the constraint of cari makan.

9:03 am  
Anonymous siew eng said...

where were all these voices clamouring for free expression before? amir's nst column "perforated sheets", miles more wittier, inspiring and intelligible, also fell victim to nst's political masters aeons ago. who's the editor who allowed amir's column to be pulled off and did nothing to stop executive interference then? and published all those anti-reformist stories, axing critical pieces? any of the "reformed" former editors who are blogging now? how about pasting a freedom of information logo that encompasses a bigger right for all citizens, regardless of what medium they choose to express themselves in? wouldn't that victory be for all rather than the privileged, exclusivist few with Internet access?

sorry to "hijack" your blog, amir. can't wait to see your next docu. btw, be fair - mainstream media didn't crucify amir over the last communist. you can find the evidence in this very blog. it was only one ultra-malay journalist in berita harian, akmal whatshisname.

11:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wat's with the praise to baby jesus? you bukan org Islam dah ke?

9:23 pm  
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